Tuesday, November 29, 2011

more than just me

I have been following a website called Write on Edge, a community dedicated to providing inspiration and support for writers.  Today's prompt was to post a favorite photograph of myself, and in 300 words explain who I was in the photo, and what the photo meant to me.

Ok, I thought to myself, this was going to be an epic fail.  I don't have many photos of me.  None that I would share anyway.  Usually I am the one behind the camera, because I am serious about my photography as a craft, (and I take the best photos in the family).  I have thousands of photos of everyone.  There was one small folder on my hard drive labeled "me" with photos I used for websites.  Nothing really exciting.  I looked forlornly through the folder, thinking this prompt was going to be a bust for me.

Then I saw it.  A photo taken by my sister in 2008.  It was taken at Mankas Corner, a favorite teen hangout of ours. Now it sports an attractive little cafe with outdoor seating.  It appealed to us, so we stopped for lunch.  It was a perfect California spring day.  We took photos of us with my camera, another memory to share.

Why do I love this photo?  Because every time I look at it, I think of Vix.  How she loves me, no matter my mood, or behavior.  Every time we are together, is a perfect moment in time.  Vix's love is unconditional, accepting, supportive, and full of the laughter and tears of a lifetime spent together.

So you see, this isn't just me in the photo.  It is me...with my sister.  She is there.  If I squint my eyes and look carefully, I can see her right beside me.


~cath xo
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