Thursday, January 19, 2012

finding the sponge

Duncan made a project this past weekend. He told Gramps what he wanted, and Gramps helped him. I drew the "A" and hot glued the beads down. Duncan wanted to add the pencils and books because "A" stands for the University of Alabama. He worked very hard to color within the lines. When he finished he was very proud of it. Maddie did one for her class that was almost identical. Minus the books and pencils.

Monday the twins took their projects to their respective teachers. Both teachers liked them. Duncan's teacher liked his so well she put it on display in the hall.

And that night they told their Mommy about it. And Duncan, who has Attention Deficit Disorder and is barely passing in first grade, beamed. Then he called us to share his news.

You see, his sister absorbs knowledge like a sponge, and Duncan is still looking for his sponge. Monday, Duncan took a step toward finding it. It's there, and I am betting he will find it.

Go Duncan, Go!

~cath xo
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