Monday, January 2, 2012

a star is born

Maddie Kate fancies herself a singer.  She is very intense about it.  So serious that when she was in kindergarten she told her mommy:

Maddie: Mommy, I know what I want to do when I grow up.
Mommy: And what's that?
Maddie: I want to sing!  My friends want to be in the band with me.  It's gonna be called The Wolves Fire.  Can you sing when you are 9?

She asked for and got a guitar for her birthday last year, and had a karaoke set complete with microphone from Santa one year.

She has a little warble in her voice when she sings, and sounds like a drama queen on crack, but we all brag about her talent and she grins and warbles.  I have managed to learn to keep a really straight face, because I believe this girl is going to be a rock star.  Or country star.  Some kind of singing star.  And I want her to be able to tell people she got encouragement from her Grammy when she is accepting her Grammy someday.

The fella in my daughter's life right now happens to be a gifted amateur singer who has recorded quite a bit of music on Singsnap and other karaoke sites.  And that played right into Maddie's plans.  Now she has a partner in crime.  They did a duet this evening and Jen sent it to my phone after I saw the post on Facebook.  I got permission from Jen and Michael to use it, and so I am launching Maddie's career a bit early.

She can't read music notes, and hasn't learned timing.  Oh, and she is just learning to read, so reading the words on the screen slows her down a bit.  She is just 6 years old you see.

I think she has promise.  I don't know where she gets the ability she has.  Her Gramps can't carry a tune in a bucket.  I can sing, but the bucket I carry my tunes in has a lot of holes in it.

Oh to be 6 years old again and think all things are possible.  I wasn't much older than Maddie when I decided I was going to be an artist, a fashion designer to be specific...

what dreams we weave...when we first believe...

~cath xo
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  1. She should never give up on her dreams! She's coming along nicely! The gentleman has a very nice voice too! Keep at it Maddie Kate! Dreams really do come true if only you believe!

  2. I loved every minute of that video!

  3. Oh Cath! this was so precious! thank you for sharing it!

  4. @dgili84 Thanks Denise, and yes I encourage Maddie, even though we snicker a bit at her dramatics, I still hope she will pursue what she some form or other. And yes, Michael has a lovely voice, but more importantly, he makes my daughter happy. :D

  5. @Vix So did I Vix. When I heard it, I knew I was going to blog about it...too good not to share. :D xo

  6. @jerened I had an idea you would enjoy gf... :D xo thanks for watching it and I am glad you liked it.

  7. awesome! thanks for sharing. it put a smile on my face.

  8. Fantastic!! Whether she makes a living at singing or swerves off to another calling - may music always bring her the joy it does now. I also can't carry a tune in a bucket - but I don't let that stop me from singing LOUDLY at every opportunity! ;)

  9. @Nannette Turner I love hearing that my posts put a smile on people's faces...your comment made my day...thanks so much Nannette... :D

  10. @Beckey Maddie loves music like I do...and I think she will always love it...she started singing almost as soon as she could speak. :D