Thursday, January 12, 2012

the wheel of fortune

my little car last winter
It was close to dark last night when I left work. I was tired because I'd been awake since about 3AM. I got in my car and eased it slowly into gear and out of the parking lot. Just another evening I was thinking. I was looking forward to getting home and relaxing.

Then I noticed a noise. Normally I am listening to music as I drive. Last night I just wanted quiet while I drove. So that was why I noticed the noise.

Right rear. Weird rubbing grinding sound. I haven't been married for over forty years to a mechanical genius without learning something. 'Bearings' I said to myself. 'Or a tire' I pondered aloud.

So I babied it all the way home, as the noise gradually got louder and scarier. I told Steve when I got home to have a look. It was dark by then, so he waited until the next morning.

That was when he saw it. A slit ran about 8 or 9 inches around the outside edge of the tire, and the innards were poking out some.

I had been minutes from having a major blow out. But the tire held.

I think my karma has turned. And the year of the dragon has started early.

Either that or my guardian angel is a grease monkey. :D

~cath xo
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