Sunday, January 22, 2012

secret sister moments

 They rush to the window when they hear a commotion.  Leaping onto the couch, they pull back the blinds and peer out.  The dogs clown on the front porch, begging for their attention with goofy barks and funny faces.  They watch the dogs, laughing together as the youngest attempts to capture the clowning on camera.  They laugh and talk, oblivious to the world.  Caught in a moment of laughter and secret sister smiles.

I watch them and for a moment, if I blink and imagine, they are small girls again, the youngest following the eldest's lead, miming her big sister's actions, because big sisters know best.  I am lost for a moment in my reverie, watching them.  Seeing them not as women, but as my little girls.  I want to save this moment, this memory, and grab my camera and start taking photos.  They don't notice me at first, and I smile as I watch them.

The moment is sweet, and lasts for just a few brief minutes, then they notice me, and holler, turning in unison to make faces at me for capturing them with their hair mussed up, and in their sleep wrinkled tee shirts and fleece pants.  "Oh MOM!" they shout, but it is too late.

The sweet moment is mine, captured for me to look at and remember.

Such is the stuff of my life.  Moments of sweetness dispersed among my daily routine.

~cath xo
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  1. (sniffling) So sweet. I love the moments when we suddenly catch a glimpse of the children our offspring used to be!

    1. Absolutely Beckey...they sneak up on us and grab us in the heart. :D

  2. So very poignant. Really squeezed my heart.

    1. Thanks Shelly. It kind of got to me too, watching them and remembering them as little girls... :D