Tuesday, January 24, 2012

hint of spring

This morning as I stepped outside, anticipating a cold blast of air, I was surprised. Instead of the cold breath of winter, I felt a zephyr breeze caress my cheek, hints of spring to come.

I love these mid-winter mornings. I have to remind myself that days such as this are transient, a foreshadowing of future mornings in a season still unborn.

These are the mornings that get me through the cold spots, those arctic blasts and winter storms that make me want to curl up and hibernate my way through winter.

These mornings energize and galvanize me. And make me long for more.

How do you get through winter?

~cath xo


  1. Mmmm- I really loved this. We don't have too much of a winter down here, so we get kind of giddy on the days we can actually wear a coat.

  2. I grew up in northern California where it rained for days and was cold in the winter, not much but just gray misery. Living in the south has been wonderful, because of those halcyon days of pseudo spring in the dead of winter...ahhh :D