Monday, January 23, 2012

he was doomed

The daughters were here this weekend. That should have been a warning to Steve. The girls think like me. Steve was outnumbered from the start, and doomed.

We were talking about Chinese New Year. This is the year of the dragon, as well as the sign of water. My year. It's all about me this year. We were discussing the possibilities that might be possible with this once in 60 years occurrence.

Then Steve asked the fatal question.
"What's my sign?"

Jenny said "you're the sign of the pig, Dad".

Steve said "I'm a pig? I'm a pig".

I looked at the girls, smirked and said "I've known you were a pig for years".

The girls started laughing out loud and Jen hollered out "you backed right into that one dad"!

Then Wretch zoomed in for the kill:
"yep dad, you know what you say...hitting a deer is bad, but if you run into a hog with your truck, it'll really do some damage. You just got hit."

By this time the girls and I were all rolling in laughter.

Steve was just looking at us in disgust.


  1. Oh, he was outnumbered from the beginning! How much fun and laughter-

    1. ...he's been outnumbered and adjusted quite well actually. He did mop up on grandsons though, 3 boys and just the one girl... :D

  2. m r pigs, osar, love it, love him!