Friday, June 17, 2011

my big boy moment

a light to my eye
a heft to my hand
that made me think
"you are the one!"
alas, you deceived
and I was relieved
        to find
                    big girl
                             waiting to be...

Twitter @jonesbabie

...veering from the Friday no words ritual, I have written a few lines to share with you today... Big Boy was my Canon EOS 50D that died shortly after birth...and led me to adopt Big Girl.  If you click on the photo, you can see what his cause of death was...a faint line runs through the lower right hand corner, and caused fatal heart failure when he was 17 days old. :D 


  1. Oh, dear... good thing you had a Big Girl waiting in the wings! ;) Yep, that line's a bad flaw, all right!

  2. The pic is damn suave! Love it! Sad for your camera though...

  3. 17 - so young. Alas, the world can be a cold place, but there were other family members who stepped in. Thank goodness.

    Love it - photo and words.

  4. Well, you know what they say: better to have loved and lost than to--- aw, hell, it just sucks. Glad you found Big Girl. Hope it's not just a rebound relationship!

  5. Loved your lyrical words about your loss - only 17 days old- and then finding Big Girl. Wonderful photos.

  6. Cath, ideal personification in your verse here. A blessing in disguise?

    BTW, I went back and read your August post about your father, and how stoic you’ve managed to be around the family no matter what your emotions or what the crises may be. A stretch of 10 years not seeing your dad?
    I remember the golf ball signs! Yes, and I can see the uncanny resemblance between that boyhood picture of your dad smiling for the photo shot and Maddie Kate. What great memoir writing, full of pathos and humor, and mostly love.

  7. @Holly Jahangiri I really loved Big Boy, and Big Girl can be a bit testy at times...but she gets along well with Little Girl (my Canon S1 5S). It broke my heart to see the flaw in him. :D

  8. @Hajra It's one of those pics that just "happens". Vix was moving, looked up for a split second and I shot it. I added some photoediting, but the basic photo is still there, along with the fatal flaw. I'm glad you like it Hajra!

  9. @Thom Brown yes thank goodness...we took him to the camera hospital and even his creator (Canon) couldn't save him...I am sure they gave him a decent burial though, and I believe he might be an organ donor too..because there were many parts that functioned so well. :D

  10. @Eric@I've Become My Parents Well I feel as though Big Girl is testing my limits many times, but I am determined to make this relationship work. :D

  11. @Penelope J. yes only 17 days, and because his adoption was so expensive, I took out extra life insurance in case we had an accident...I never dreamed he was fatally flawed to begin with. :D

  12. @Debra Thanks so much Debra...and I reread it yesterday too, after reading your beautiful blog post...I still miss Dad every single day, but the pain has stopped and life has gone on...and yes Maddie does look a lot like him, and she acts like him too. Thanks for the comments Debra!

  13. Cath, don't you know girls are usually more reliable than boys!

  14. Hi Cathy -

    May Senor Canon rest in peace! You go Big Girl!!! :)

  15. don't know how I missed this one, all the comments about Big Boy, but most of all I love the story teller and photographer!