Monday, June 20, 2011

i'm a pepper he's a pepper

As I was awash in vomit today and cranky grandkids and a husband I was wishing lived on another planet, I took a moment to relive last weekend.  It was the only way I could keep my sanity.

This morning at 3AM Jack woke up crying...he'd gone to bed without supper because he stayed at his dad's house playing video games until almost bedtime.  Of course even though he might have eaten here, he refused.  (Jack's lack of appetite in a family of robust eaters is fast becoming an urban legend.)

So here was Jack, waking me up telling me he was hungry and his stomach hurt.  In my half-roused state I heard the hungry part and ignored the other, and fed him some water and a half of a half of a banana (yes, that is about average for him) and we laid back down so I could get a couple more hours sleep.  I had been up until midnight because I took a nap (big mistake) and so I felt like I had sand in my eyes, literally.

About an hour later Jack wanted more water.  I gave it to him.

An hour after that he turned into a vomit geyser.  And Maddie caught the geyser right in the mouth.  She promptly turned over, spat the vomit in my face, bringing me out of a sound sleep and as I raised up choking and spitting she screamed "Jack just vomited in my mouth!  I'm gonna be sick!" 

She took off running to the other end of the house, screaming at the top of her lungs (we might as well all be up at 5AM), and I heard Steve bellowing as I watched the last of the banana water hit my sheets.  And in between all that Maddie vomited too.

Then multiple things happened the next few hours.  Jack got cleaned up, climbed into our bed after Steve and Dunc got up, and vomited in that bed and over the side.

Steve was hollering at him as though he could plan where and when he would vomit.  I need to remind the reader at this point that Jack is 6 years old.  Steve treated him like he was sabotaging us with vomit until I finally called to tell them at work I had too much vomit going on to come in.  Then I threw Steve's ass out of the house so I could deal with a sick kid, two well kids, and not have to listen to him rampage.

FINALLY, after hours, everything settled down.  Jack was resting.  Steve was doing what he enjoys for food.  The other kids were watching a movie.

So I decided it would be a good time to go through the photos I took last weekend and relive a happier time, because today sure wasn't one of them.  As I edited and looked, I started remembering how hot it was that day.  Alabama in the summer feels like it is three inches from hell.

Last weekend Steve, his sister Jean and I decided to get out, and we had a marvelous time.  Outdoor markets are always teeming with people, the smells of food, music in the air and lots to see and do, and this was no exception.  It is called Pepper Place Market because it is located around the old Dr. Pepper manufacturing plant in a part of Birmingham that is full of old warehouses.  Many have been converted into small businesses, which gives the area an upbeat kind of mixed look, old with new.  It is open every Saturday from 7AM-Noon until sometime in the fall.  You can find vendors selling everything from food to fresh vegetables, ceramics, fresh flowers, batik, jewelry, breads, sauces and salsas.  Just about anything the mind can imagine.

I met two very nice ladies there.  One of them is called The Pie Lady (the one on the right), and she had an assortment of homemade sweets that would make your mouth water.  I asked if they would like to have their photo made, and they smiled and grabbed a cherry crumble to showcase.  I got their address and their business card so I could mail them a copy of the photos I took.  (I also took a couple photos of the Pie Lady's daughter and granddaughters.)  All very nice people.  Truly the heart of Dixie.

Oh and by the way, the apricot bars and whoopie pies were to die for.  I took one of each of those home with me.

The rest of the morning we spent going from booth to booth.  I picked up another pair of handmade earrings that will be Maddie's someday (read about that here).  These are hand twisted sterling silver with a small stone dangling from them.  Very artistic and well made.  I am always on the lookout for earrings, my favorite type of jewelry.  Especially handmade, unique pieces.

Here are my favorite photos I took at the Pepper Place Market, no explanation really needed:

Hope you are enjoying your summer as much as I am (between vomits anyway). :D
~cath xo
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