Sunday, August 21, 2011

why i'll never be a youtube star

*Please note, there are words (well one word) on these videos that may offend more fastidious souls...that having been said...

I tried, really I did.  

Who scoffs at the idea that any tech gadget thingy is beyond my scope of understanding
Who laughs in the face of no directions to go by
Who spits in the wind at anyone who tells me it can't be done
was scoffed, laughed and spit on by the gods of technology today...

Things I learned today while trying to immortalize myself on video:
1. Blogger is smarter than me.  I can shoot a video sideways, or upside down, and it will magically turn it in the right direction.  Every time.
2. Go lighter on the makeup when you are in front of a camera.  Or end up looking like Tim Curry doing a Bette Davis impression.
3. When you try to upload 10 video screw ups all at the same time, Blogger will laugh and vomit them back at you, while pretending that they really uploaded.
4. I will do anything for a laugh.  Even humiliate myself on camera and then post it.  (Ok, this one is a stretch.  I have been humiliating myself for laughs on camera since I was a kid in front of my Dad's Brownie 8mm home movie camera.)  But posting it is new.  So there.
5. I need to leave "sh!t" out of my vocabulary (aka manure mouth) when I am recording for posterity.  

So here is my attempt at!!! (oh sh!t).... 



  1. LOLOLOL This was great! Thanks for giving me a laugh ;) I think you'll catch the hang of it after awhile. I tried to take a video once ...didn't go so well lol.
    ~blessings :)

  2. @Jessica M I need blessings and lots of them Jessica! Thanks! :D
    ~cath xo

  3. Cath, girl, you have missed your call! You make one helluva comedian!
    I needed the laugh today :) Come join the technically challenged club!

  4. Can I tell you how much I loved this. As someone who has recorded himself, I feel you and commend you for only saying sh!t! LOL. So good. So brave to show the bloopers.

  5. @Debra I've always been a comedian in my mind, and my family would agree. Glad you got a laugh Debra... :D I live to please!

  6. Where there bloopers? I thought you said there were bloopers. Everything seemed fine to me.

  7. well you saved yourself at the end with darn it instead of oh shit.. LOL


  8. All I can say is hats Off to you.

    Thank you for the laughs.



  9. @Justice Calo Reign Glad you enjoyed it...I was in blooper hell yesterday but finally did figure it out...sort of. BTW, I left the ones with the F Bomb out...I have to show some restraint, I do have an image to maintain you know... :D

  10. @Thom Brown That kind of statement will NEVER get you hired to be my film editor Thom. :D

  11. @alejandro I figured if I started the series off with clean language, no one would notice the fillers. :)

  12. Seriously LOL!! Don't you know... bloopers are always the best part. ;) Big ((hugs))

  13. This made me remember the day I had the mouse upside down and said "it isn't working" "it won't point and I can't click on anything", As always I enjoy your short films, did we get the boxes painted?

  14. @Beckey thanks Beckey! I am definitely the queen of bloopers! :D xo

  15. @Vix nope, I spent so much time trying to make the videos that I never got them painted...they are still waiting on me. :D

  16. Hilarious! You can really laugh at yourself which is a big asset. Love the Sh.. at the end.

  17. hehehehe at the start I was like Cathy - it's you moving and speaking! And then I was lost in what you were doing as this is so like something I would do 'what do I say' hehe love it