Monday, August 8, 2011

a year ago

It's been a year today since I published my first "real" blog post.  You can read about Kayla's lipstick adventure here.

When I first published that post, I did it so I would have it to remember.  It was a moment in my life I wanted to have saved to a spot that was more than just a memory in my head.  I enjoyed that little bit of time with Kayla so much, I wanted to save it so that someday she could read it and see how much fun we had that day.

After I first hit that publish button, something happened to me.  I got a sense of pleasure from it, for sure.  But I also got a sense of continuity, of being able to have a bit of my thoughts out there for my family to read, and maybe laugh at, and just enjoy.

Because that is what life is really about.  Bits and pieces, memories and moments, laughter and tears.  That is also what families are about.  It is the thread that ties us together.  It is the bond that gives us strength.  Familia, always there, and continuing on from one generation to another.

So as I started recording my thoughts, my feelings about this blogging experience gelled.  And I began to realize that I wanted these thoughts of mine to be something my grandchildren could have when I am gone.  My legacy.  What made Grammy more than just Grammy.

And so I kept blogging.  And posting photos, thoughts, haiku verse, and anything that passed my mind.  Occasionally I have ranted.  I am not a ranter by nature, but some things just touch a nerve in me, and when I feel strongly about something, I try to respond in a way that is ultimately positive.  You can read a rant of mine here (about prejudice), and another one here (about self worth).

But mostly my thoughts are just that...whatever crosses my mind.  Not interesting enough to turn into a book (I have absolutely NO desire to author a book).  And I have no desire to develop a huge fan base and turn my blog into a mega blog.

The thing that has surprised me most?  As I read my way through other blogs, I have met some amazing people online.  People with interesting things to share, who are fun to discuss ideas with, and who have helped me grow as a person.

So what has happened over this year?  I have evolved, and have seen myself change the way I think and look at things.  I have discovered the world of blogging, and how much darn fun it can be.  I have not let it take over my life, but it does take a pretty hefty chunk of it.

And the bottom line?  My thoughts are here.  For Maddie Kate, Jack, Duncan, and John.  It has served the purpose I intended it to serve.  And I plan to keep on sharing my thoughts, one by one.

Thank you to all of you who have read my blog.  I would be lying if I didn't say it was one of the nicest surprises about blogging.  I am still amazed every day that there are people like YOU out there who think these thoughts of mine are worth taking the time to read.  I appreciate every comment I get.  And I plan to be doing this for a long time to come.

My journey continues...sharing my thoughts...share yours with me...

~cath xo
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