Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the green tray

First published on October 18, 2010.

Oh to be five years old again and to think so concretely about things.  All the world is a wonder, and all things are possible!

Maddie is positive she has won a trip to Disney World.  Let me explain how she got to this point.

There are some Kid Cuisine frozen dinners in the market that advertised a trip to Disney World if the tray is green.  They come in blue trays but the winning trays are green.  The winner gets a trip for four to Disney World.

Maddie told her mom (Jen) yesterday that she had won.  And the winning dinner is at Gramps' house.  Steve was upset that she thinks she has won.  He said the picture on the front of the box shows the color of the winning tray, and Maddie saw that and thinks that is what is inside the box.  A green tray.  She has had Steve buying them for weeks trying to win.  And now she has somehow taken that next leap in her thoughts and decided she has the winning tray.

Steve was almost wringing his hands when he was telling me the saga of the Kid Cuisine.  I was laughing about it (I am evil that way...I know she will be disappointed, but I also know she will survive the disappointment, just like her mom survived not owning a pair of Chic jeans like all the other girls when she was in school).  I told Steve she'll be ok.  Girly (her nickname...we live in the south after all, and your nickname is the second name you get...the one everyone knows you by...the one not on your birth certificate...) is tough and she will survive...I know that about her.

The funny part is, as soon as she decided she won, she told Steve she would be taking her dad with her and Dunc and her mommy.  Steve was abandoned, even though he had spent a small fortune on Kid Cuisine TV dinners.  Ungrateful little rat.  (I was never in the running to go I guess.  That would be five people, one too many.)

I am laughing as I write this.  Five year olds are just too funny. 

Maddie has her Grammy's luck too.  I know this because we tore open the Kid Cuisine boxes this morning to see if maybe she was psychic and knew something we didn't...

They were both blue....we are considering raiding the local grocery stores to surreptitiously tear open all the Kid Cuisines.


  1. Great story had me smiling the whole time! Five years old can get over anything but for the parents them getting over it can be tiring lol


  2. That is such a precious age. So sweet, and determined! ;P

  3. @JIM It took Gramps much longer to get over the feeling he had "failed" Maddie than it took her to move on to her next thought. Thanks for commenting Jim. :D

  4. @Alejandro Yes, pity him A, she has him wrapped around her little finger. :D

  5. @Thom Brown Yes Thom she won...a lesson in life... :D

  6. @sweepyjean Maddie's the only granddaughter, so she leads the pack of boys. I have loved every second of watching her incredible little life. :D