Wednesday, May 16, 2012

a rose by any other name

"Put a rose in your nose and see how it grows"
                                                                                       ~childhood taunt

maddie mudface
Recent conversation with my 6 year old granddaughter Maddie:

Maddie: (pointing to the bridge of her own nose and rubbing it lightly) Grammy, is that where you got hit with the baseball bat?
Me: Yes Maddie it is.  It hurt really bad for a few minutes, then I was ok.  Oh, it bled a lot too.  (She likes hearing about the blood.)
Gramps: (as he passes by and hears what we are talking about) And when I was in high school, my nose got hit when I was playing football, and got knocked clear over on the side of my face.
Maddie: It did Grammy?

maddie candyface
Me: Yes Maddie.  Gramps and I both have noses that are crooked.
Maddie: Is that why you got married?
Me: Yes Maddie, that is why we got married.  Our noses fit.

I started laughing and Maddie rolled her eyes at me in disgust and walked away.

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