Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the world in his face

So many times we see photos of fabulous landscapes, vistas so breathtaking we have to stop and look, and imagine what the photographer must have experienced in emotion as the photo was framed in the camera viewfinder, and the shutter clicked.  We are astounded at the beauty of the earth, and all that lies before us.

I feel the same way when I take photos of faces.  The face is a tapestry of infinite expressiveness.  Proof that there is beauty in front of us, that the creativity of the cosmos isn't just in mountains, oceans and vast panoramas.  The beauty I see in faces, of all kinds, proves to me that you can find the world in a teacup, if you look closely.

I spent an hour or so yesterday evening and took some wonderful photos of my  grandchildren playing soccer.  Then the children took a break, and this is what I got when I shot a few photos of my grandson Duncan (in the order I took them):

He had no idea I was shooting him, he was looking at his mom.  You can see the love in his eyes in the last two photos.

I saw the world in his face.

life is good...
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