Friday, July 13, 2012

requiem for bugs bunny, part deux

I was leaving for work yesterday morning.  As I drove past the neighbor's house, I saw him. Bugs. Still alive. Somehow he had outsmarted Elmer.  I started laughing as I voice dialed the house on my cell phone.

By the time Stevie Wonder answered, I had my laughter tamped down from shrieks to gurgles. The conversation went like this:

Me: Hey.
Elmer: I'm getting my gun right now.
Me: Why?
Elmer: because I know you are calling to tell me you've seen a *%&#@!$ rabbit.
Me: (I'm feeling kind of creeped out, like he read my mind) well, ummm, yes I did.
Elmer: I'm getting my gun and headed out the door right NOW. Bye.
Me: hold it Bub, the rabbit is in the neighbor's yard.  You can't stalk Bugs on someone else's property.  Besides, he was still running the last time I saw him.
Elmer: *%&#@!$ rabbits...why are they in my garden?  (I think this was rhetorical and I don't think he really expected an answer.)
Me: because they are RABBITS? 
Elmer: (more expletives)...
Me: (snorking) have a good day honey! is good.  And Bugs lives to graze another day...

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  1. Viz says, "do you know how fast bunnies multiply"????

    1. We are finding out. I see more Bugses hopping around every day, and it's driving Elmer crazy.

  2. sorry, that would be Vix not Viz LMAO

    1. I can read typos mum. :D Just amazed you made one.

  3. LOL That was just the laugh I needed to complete my afternoon

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Beckey girl. I was snickering myself rereading it.

  4. LOL! Just the right thing one needed today! You are freakin hilarious!

  5. Nice story! you made my day <3