Sunday, June 19, 2011


My Dad has been gone for many years now...since August 2000...I was looking through a box of things I had gathered at the time of his death and found some photos and a card I decided to share today.
dad with us and cousins

dad and his buds
dad and his toy

teaching vix to golf
hands on teaching from dad

I bought the card when I was on a trip somewhere and ran across it while browsing.  I thought it would make a perfect Father's Day card.  The sentiments in it were exactly what I felt about Dad.

You'll notice it isn't signed?  That is because I forgot I had it.  By the time Father's Day rolled around, it was lying in some drawer collecting dust.  So Dad never saw this card.  I have had a lot of regret about it.  Not agonizing, because like my Dad, I am a realist.  But a little corner of my heart and spirit carries a teeny tiny bit of guilt, like a small bruise that isn't visible to the naked eye, but that causes you a little pain when you bump against it.  So from time to time, when I open that box, and see that card, I wish once again Dad could have read it.  And then I close the box, tie the ribbon around it once again, and move forward through my life.

Many of you have dads, or men in your lives, who mean a lot to you.  Some are still living, others have passed on to another plane of being.  There is nothing I can write about dads that you haven't read somewhere else.

If you have not had a dad in your life, or your dad wasn't the best dad, then I hope there was some man somewhere in your life you could look up to and learn from....a teacher, a friend...someone who could show you the true meaning of fathering.

I have written posts about every dad that meant something to me, so I decided to follow a fellow blogger's idea today and repost those here, for you to read (or reread) if you like.  These are about the men in my life that have had the most influence on me.

My Dad:

My other Dad:
my other dad

My son:
the son becomes the father

The love of my life:
the softness of a man

When you have a chance, tell the man or men in your life that you appreciate him/them. And say why.
Don't waste an opportunity.

Those opportunities might not always be there.

Happy Father's Day, Dad.

~cath xo
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