Thursday, June 9, 2011

the adventure continues...

Like the Energizer bunny, Stevie Wonder and I just go on and on...

Today is our 41st wedding anniversary...

He forgot.  :D

After 41 years, I am not surprised.  (I almost forgot...just happened to remember it yesterday.)

Last night I had to leave the house to take care of something for work.  He offered to go with me so I wouldn't be alone.  Usually if I have to do something that takes me out late, I tell him to stay home and rest.  After all, I have travelled as a nurse in California and Alaska, and driven many other places alone.  And this was familiar territory for me.

But I said yes instead.  And it was a nice drive.  Quiet for the most part, because we didn't get home until nearly midnight and we were both tired.

On the way home Steve started talking about remembering how hot it was when we first lived in Birmingham as young newlyweds...

Steve: I remember sitting on the couch with sweat running down me, and watching the picture flopping on the old black and white TV.  I was trying to figure out a way that I could afford a $300 window unit air conditioner because I was so hot.  Finally I realized that even if I could afford to buy the air conditioner, I couldn't afford to run it.
Me: How much did you make back then?
Steve: A little over $3.00 and hour.  And our rent was $60 a month.  They wanted to start me out at less than $2 at Hayes, and I told them "SAY WHAT!" and they said "oh yah you have were in the Air Force."
Me: I remember the power bill was less than $15 a month.

As we rode along, I sat there thinking about how poor we were back then, and how little we had of the "luxuries" in life.

I realized how happy we were.  Why?  Because we had each other.

And 41 years and a lot of "stuff" later, we still have each other.

Happy Anniversary Stevie Wonder.  It's been quite an adventure.

(Now let's see if he remembers.)
...cha ching :D

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