Friday, June 10, 2011

the adventure continues...part deux

I get home last night, tired and brain dead from an extra busy day at work.  The twins are here for the weekend and they are on their four wheelers.  When I park in the yard and turn off the car, I can hear the buzz of the four wheeler motors.  I look over toward the garden and see them buzzing around the garden and yard in circles, like flies buzzing around a pile of poo.

They spot me about as soon as I spot them and buzz over to me.  They stop by the car and sit there.  Looking at me.  Grinning.  Both wave at me at the same moment.  (Synchronized movement is a twin thing.)  I wave back.  They grin bigger.  I open the door to the car and step out.


I say "thank you" and smile at them. 

Me: How did you know?
Them: Gramps told us.
Me: He did?
Them: Yah.  And you got a surprise in the house.

The speed at which the twins spill their guts with a secret or surprise is legend in our family.

Me: Is it an iPad2 with Wifi?
Them: No, it's cake and a card.

I am chuckling now.  I figure my daughter, who remembers everything, told them that morning that it was Grammy and Gramps' anniversary, they told Stevie Wonder, and he tried to patch the breech.

Me: Oh.  A cake and card.  Thanks honey.
Me: (gimlet eyed) and when did the kids tell you?
Him: They didn't.  I remembered.
Me: B*//$/*t.  They told you.
Him: No they didn't. I remembered.
Him: Because I was busy.  I had to get to work.
Me: Work?  What work?  You're retired.
Him:  The garden.  I was in a hurry to get to the garden.

Now, I might have bought that line, but I knew he spent over an hour with his coffee watching the morning news.

I tried all kinds of tactics to force him to admit that he forgot.  The over bearing wife.  The cunning wife.  The pleading wife.  The joking wife.  The belligerent wife.  The loving wife.

Nothing worked.  He never admitted it.  He's improved a whole lot since we first got married. 

It's the 41 years of practice.

But I know he was lying.  He was smirking.  And he mentioned the fact that Wal Mart doesn't sell flowers anymore.

I'm proud I remembered our anniversary.  But I didn't get him a card or cake.

I forgot.

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