Sunday, June 5, 2011

taming big girl~ lessons in submission

Another practice weekend.  Another round with Big Girl.  Somehow I think I am becoming the dominant partner.

The shots are not pristine "professional" quality, but I feel the emotion and stories the photos tell are there.  For me a great photo evokes emotion in me.  Anything else is just a picture.  That is what I strive for.  That is what I try to convey.

I decided to keep to the basic settings this weekend and used the AV or aperture setting for these.  Had a new UV filter and bayonnet lens hood which helped the quality.

I did shoot some of the photos with the light from behind (a big no no) but I wanted a silhouette quality and pretty much got the look I was going for.

Let me know what you think.    


  1. I think they're great, and I really like the "light" quality in each. Very nice.

  2. @Thom Brown
    Thanks! Maybe by the time the kids are 21 I will have mastered the art of photography. Right now it is still like nailing jello to the wall. :D I appreciate the feedback!

  3. Cathy,
    I really like #7 and #11. You captured excellent emotions. You point of view is strong and I like your dof. Also excellent exposure in all. When I look at them I find myself wanting more story in the portrait. IMO they are too close, I would love to see some more background to give some context. This of course is just my taste and preferences. what focal length/lens did you use?
    check out this post you may enjoy, it talks about adding background context to portraits. (not one of mine)

    I would love to see a shot from a lower point of view looking up at one of them to see what type of image that would produce. have you tried that?

  4. @Aaron I am laughing Aaron, because your comments are SO on target...I cropped most of those photos and the first thing I thought after I gave my eyes a rest and went back and read the post was:
    "those photos are all cropped to the same size...they all look alike" :D

    the reason I cropped them though was because there were some things in the background that were distracting and didn't really add (like garbage cans and bikini clad bottoms of other people)....I am taking what you said and going to try to frame some photos farther away...I think my latest post of the four wheelers might be a better study in story telling...

    thanks for the feedback... I appreciate it...and am checking out the link you left...