Monday, June 25, 2012

brown cows

Thoughts passing through my mind as I lay sleepless last night:

1. Two Brown Cows will not cure the indigestion that woke me up at 3AM from the brownie I ate before bedtime.  Unlike hair of the dog, chocolate does not cure chocolate.
2. A 7 year old girl can sound strangely grown up on the phone, even with a slight lisp because she is missing several teeth.  (And what did you do last weekend Grammy?  You rested?  That's good, I am sure you needed it.")
3. It takes a 7 year old boy one try to get me kicked out of my own bed.  Dunc was firmly planted in my bed last night.  I told him he had to give it up tonight.  Stevie Wonder said he huffed when I left the room and said "she just thinks she's getting her bed back."
4. I thank God every day for my job.  Especially when the grandkids are spending the whole week, and my son tells me he is sure the 2 year old will want to join the 3 seven year olds.  Stevie Wonder may have second thoughts about retirement.
5. It takes exactly 7 seconds after the grandkids find out they are all staying for the arguments to begin.
6. Hot tubs make great babysitters.  They also make great bathtubs to wash the dust from the 4 wheelers off.
7. Grandkids can throw water out of the hot tub faster than we can pipe it back in.
8. Seven year olds will believe you when you tell them you put something in the hot tub water that will turn it orange if they pee in it.  A two year old won't care.
9. The sweetest thing in the world is my youngest grandchild running to me with his arms out hollering "hey Grammy!"
10. Every time I make a remark about something, it has the opposite effect.  Last week I bragged about the abundance of our garden, and even wrote a haiku about it.  This week it is turning into a wasteland, dying from the lack of rain.  Pitiful.
11. I will finally get sleepy enough to go back to sleep, five minutes before the alarm goes off. is good. ~cath
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  1. I always listen to my thoughts and what they have to say to me..Its nice that you write them down at least. I will try to do the same. Nice post :)