Monday, June 3, 2013

wilson speak

wretch as wilson
There are some moments in life that are so good it takes just a second to grab and savor them.  Moments that you recognize the instant they happen.  Since I started this blog, I have been fortunate enough to capture a few of those moments in my life by writing them down.  Many more happen and fade from memory, but give me sweet little minutes of gratitude while I am in them.

Yesterday we were at the pool party my oldest daughter Jen had planned for the twins, who turn 8 tomorrow.  My daughters and I were at a table in a room adjacent to the kitchen, having a discussion that rambled here, there and everywhere, and enjoying some laughter along the way.  I was talking to Wretched Daughter (my youngest child) across from me.  I couldn't see anything but her eyes, because her face was hidden behind an impatiens I had brought in from the patio to make room for enough food to feed about a dozen kids and several adults.  I was thinking how weird it was to talk to Wretch and not be able to see her mouth, when she suddenly shoved the flower aside and said:

"I am tired of having a Wilson conversation with you."

That was the aha moment when I realized that once again, our minds were in tune and she had been thinking the same thing I was thinking.

Jen just laughed at us.

For those of you not familiar with a Wilson conversation, here is a clip from Home Improvement, the show that created his character.  No one ever saw his face, just his eyes.  (His face was finally revealed after years on the show.) is good. ~cath
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