Monday, December 2, 2013

silly stuff

And sometimes it's the stupid stuff that gets you through each day...

Because laughter doesn't have any thing to do with intelligence, but is all about sharing a connection...

Copy and paste this in your browser (it's a safe link even though it looks like junk):

Or you might try this one (the only thing on my Facebook that I have posted public):

and if those links didn't work, then you'll have to wonder what I was doing. :)

I call this the grandkid shuffle (I threw the dog in so they would have an extra was either that or put Gramps in and he is the brunt of my jokes often enough.  I figured it was time to give Gramps a break and humiliate the dog.  The grandkids?  By the time they are old enough to be embarrassed by this, I'll be dead anyway...soooo.....

Grammy strikes again. :) is good. ~cath
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  1. These are priceless! So cute- left me with a big smile!

    1. This is the type of thing I do when I am bored Shelly...humiliate my family for posterity. And I know we must be the only family with a dancing dog. :)