Sunday, August 8, 2010

kayla's lipstick adventure

My first published blogpost, August 8, 2010.

Kayla loves stuff.  She loves looking for stuff, especially in purses.  Purses are a siren song to her little girl's heart.  So when I heard her mom telling her to stay out of my purse today, I decided to help her avert a scolding by letting her explore.

I walked into my sister's bedroom as her mom was telling her to stay out of my purse and said "would you like to see what is in my purse Kayla?'

Her reply: "YESH!!!"

So I sat down on the bed with her and started to take the "stuff" out.  Now this purse is my traveling bag, holding everything from my passport and laptop, to all kinds of paraphernalia I think I can't get by without.  Kayla was sitting beside me wiggling and I could tell she wanted to get her hands on my stuff, so I asked her if she would like to take the stuff out.... "YESH!!!"

She grabbed her flip flops off her feet so she could hunker down on the bed and put both hands in my purse and started pulling stuff less than 30 seconds she had that big old bag completely empty and my stuff was in a big pile on the bed.  While she was pulling all the stuff out she kept saying in this girly little voice "you got lots of stuff!"  I was laying there cracking up and loving every minute.

I thought she was probably finished, thinking all she wanted to do was pull all the stuff out but nooo...she was just getting started...

Kayla leaned over and started sifting through the pile...and found...

"can I have gums?"

"yes Kayla you can"

gum goes in mouth...then she finds THE prize...the best of the stuff...she finds a...


and was so excited she had the top yanked off and smeared on her lips before I could even give her a pointer.  Now I have 4 lipsticks in my purse, and with unerring accuracy she discovers the newest one...and I figured she would break it but it was worth $7 to watch her having fun so I just laid back to watch the show.

kayla discovers lipstick 

Kayla continued to go through my stuff and about every 5 minutes she would grab the lipstick and make another circuit around her lips...about 30 minutes later she had applied about 9 layers of lipstick...and was thoroughly enjoying it...I was laughing inside so hard I could barely contain my own giggles...

then her Grammy and Mommy came to see what she was up to...her dad said she looked like her Aunt Dooj (Vix added "after a glass of wine")...and I grabbed my camera...

 another layer goes on

As I snapped Kayla, her Grammy grabbed a mirror so she could see how beautiful she looked...


As I snapped photos and watched Kayla enjoying that lipstick, I realized what a moment of whimsy we were all fortunate enough to share, and to look through the eyes of a child and see things from their perspective is a privilege...and those moments of whimsy are the most important of our lives, because they are the most fleeting...

thank you Kayla for letting me share your whimsy....(she got to keep the lipstick too....)


  1. I love it....I laughed so hard!

  2. @Anonymous
    Thanks sissy, I still laugh when I read it, she was so cute that day...I'm glad I captured the moment for us to relive. Someday you can show it to her and laugh with her about it.