Monday, August 23, 2010

just john

John is 3 months and some days old here.  He isn't the first John in the family, nor will he be the last I am sure.  What is unique about John is that he is the tie breaker in the family.  And he doesn't have any idea what that means to all the past Johns in the family and to the Jameses who are father and grandfather to him.

You see there has only ever been one male to a generation in the family on the paternal side for as long as any of us remember.  No one knows why, but only one boy per generation.  Girls abound and proliferate throughout the generations, but only one boy has landed each time.

Until John.  John has an older brother named Jack.  That makes John boy two.  And breaks the streak of singles.  Of course John doesn't know that.  Or care.  Being just John and 3 months and some days old, he is oblivious to his importance in the line of Johns.

All John wants is food, hugs and kisses....

and a good burp.

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