Saturday, August 21, 2010

mouse trap peanut butter

My grandboys are typical.  They like dirt, video games, riding the four-wheeler,  junk food, and the hot tub, not necessarily in that order.  They also look at the world differently than I do...not because they are boys, but because they are 5 years old and new to the world.

Steve picked me up at the airport recently after a business trip and Jack was with him.  It is a treat for the grands whenever they get to go with Gramps to the airport.  On our way home we discussed stopping to get something to eat.  McDonald's was mentioned, but then we decided on somewhere else.  Somehow Jack's ears stopped hearing after McDonald's and he soon saw one looming with a big playground on the front.

Jack: "We gotta stop at McDonald's so I can play."

Me: "No Jack we aren't going to stop today.  I will bring you, Maddie and Dunc back to play one day when I am not tired and we have more time."

Jack (I can hear the gears in his head whirring by now): "You can just drop me off then.  I work there."

Me: "You do?  What job do you do, Jack?"

Jack: "I clean the floors.  They know I am coming so you can just drop me off."

Naturally we didn't buy the bit about the job cleaning floors.  I've seen Jack when he is supposed to be cleaning up here con Maddie into doing it.  They'd never get any work out of him at McDonald's.

One day the boys were missing.  We couldn't find them in any of the usual places they are when we think they are missing (and they aren't).  I knew they couldn't have gone far.  Then I found them.  Under the deck.  With the dog.  In the dirt.  Did I fuss or stop them?  NO WAY.  I firmly believe dirt makes boys grow big and strong.  And besides, that's what hoses are made for.



You are wondering now what that mouse trap peanut butter means.  We live in the country, so occasionally we have a small furry gray intruder.  Mouse traps are set in strategic places.  Steve made two mistakes with Jack.  He showed him a dead mouse in a trap, and he told him he used peanut butter to put on the traps to catch them.  Now every time we have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch, Jack always says "that isn't the mouse trap peanut butter is it?"

And of course being the loving Grammy I am, I lie to him and tell him no, it isn't.

That's it for this blog.  I hear Jack jumping on the bed.  I have to go stop him before he jumps too high and rams his head into the ceiling fan.

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