Monday, August 9, 2010

intruder alert

No, not the window bangers who visited us several times a few weeks ago.  My cop refrigerator magnet took care of them, and Steve added a motion detector to the flood lights outside our bedroom window so that if those little redneck hoodlums came around the corner of the fence the light would come on, blind them and scare the shit out of them, in that order.

Our intruder is of the Easter Bunny variety now.  Seems that motion detector is so sensitive that it can detect a frog fart.  And when the lights come on they light up our bedroom like daylight.  Think night time prison break searchlight bright and you get the general idea.

This morning Steve says "I'm tired."

Me: "I feel great."

Steve: "I kept waking up last night.  Those lights came on 20 times at least!"

Me: "They did?"

Steve: "Yes!  It has to be a damn rabbit moving around the yard.  I'm going to kill that little bastard when I see him."

Me: "I never woke up."

For those of you who have never shot at a rabbit...the target moves...and it doesn't make noise...kind of like snipe hunting...a waste of time...

Steve: "I can't believe you didn't wake up, not even once."

Me: "Nope...not once."

he won't ever know that three glasses of wine before bed ensured I wasn't waking up for anything...


  1. I second that Cathy after 3 glasses of wine i'm in dreamland heaven and nothing is gonna wake me up.

  2. usually two glasses does me in Pat....if I do three I am really fried and walking backward :D (Nick and Dev could attest to that) :D