Monday, October 7, 2013

momenth of pathoth

Revisiting one of my favorite posts from August 2011.  Missing my sisters right now, the dorks. :)

Back in 2004, I got a new camera, my first Canon Powershot Digital Elph.  That's a long name for an itty bitty camera that took decent photos.  The best part of it was the ability to take videos too.

In the spring we went to California, and I spent a day with my sisters.  We went by my mom's house after our day out, to give her a Mother's Day gift from my oldest daughter Jen.

That was when I discovered a couple things:
1. The camera had a built in lisp.  Added at no extra charge.
2. Never try to have an emotional loving moment with mom after we've toured several wineries.

Pathos and humor...that's us in a nutshell.  Or wineglass.



Have a great weekend!
~cath xo
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