Tuesday, October 1, 2013

and your bird can sing

We have a new family member.  Steve got Cheep for his birthday Sunday.  Wretch thought it would be the perfect pet.  One that wouldn't consume food in one end and digest it out the other.  No water, no cage, just a bird on a perch.

Until John decided it belonged to him.  "MINE" he said, "MINE!!!".  Of course he lost that argument and Cheep ended up on the mantel, 6 feet hight and out of reach.  And oddly quiet (he is activated by motion).  He sat and stared.  Until Wretch walked by.

CHEEP! CHEEEEEP!! cHEeP, chEEp, ChEEp he sang.

Then Stevie Wonder walked by. CheeP! cHEEp, CHEeP, ChEEEEppp he sang.

I just loved it.  What a fun little critter.  I decided it was time to make him sing for me.  So I walked by him, grinning with anticipation.

Nothing.  Dead silence.  Not the tiniest cheep or peep out of him.  I stood and stared at him.  Then I muttered some really ugly words only he could hear me say...

Well ok, Wretch and Steve heard me too.  Involved the F bomb somewhere in the string of ugly words out of my mouth.


I decided I needed to wave my arm.  So I waved my arm in a huge arc in front of the bird.


I jumped up and down.  Silence.  The bird just sat and stared at me.

I jumped AND waved my arms.

Not a cheep, not even a peep.  Disgustedly, I walked away across the room and turned around to sit down on the couch.  Just as I turned my back and bent over to move a cushion, I heard him cheeping loudly.

I snorted in disgust and flipped the bird the bird.

Steve and Wretch were doubled over in laughter.  Steve hollered out "it needed a bigger target to set it off!"

The laughing got louder.

Damn bird.

...life is good. ~cath
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