Tuesday, April 24, 2012

love, folded in the sheets {haiku}

our hands together

work shared, 

           whispered hopes, 

folded...in the sheets

As I folded sheets the other day, my mind wandered back to my childhood.  My sister and I would fold sheets together to keep them from dragging on the floor, standing face to face, chest to chest, arms outstretched, snapping the sheets with a sharp pop to smooth them as we folded them.  I closed my eyes briefly and could see her beautiful golden brown eyes on the other side of the sheet, smiling at me as we shared a laugh along with our task.

How I longed to go back for just an instant.  To share a laugh, a whispered joke, a secret between us.  Or just a look.  That secret look sisters share.  The look that lets you know your sister understands you.  Accepts you.  Loves you.  The look that says everything.

Love, folded in the sheets.

life is good.
~cath xo
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  1. This is so beautiful and touching! you reminded me of my sis I havent seen her in long long time. I miss those days

    1. Hi Hind! I was thinking of you just the other day and wondering how you are doing. I am so far behind on blog reading, and I've missed it. I was missing my sister when I wrote this. She is 2000 miles from me and I miss her lots, as well as my youngest sister too. Thank you so much for the lovely comment.

  2. I miss you each and every day..... I miss you being here, I miss seeing you on the computer at my table in the morning, I miss you rolling your eyes up and saying "well"....but I don't miss waking up to the bright light on your phone in the middle of the night...I love you sissy!

    1. I miss you every day too and your incessant chatter that always made my ears ring, and filled my heart with laughs and joy. Love you too sister. xo