Monday, December 15, 2014

joy, from the mouth of a child

Duncan was unusually quiet around us this weekend.  That means he didn't talk much to Gramps and me.  Until we were headed home with him.  I don't understand how his child's mind works and am surprised at what it produces.  Yesterday it was this:

Dunc: Dogs are the best animals to use in the Army.  They can protect people and find stuff.

Me: You mean sniff out stuff like bombs?

Dunc: Yeah.  Cats aren't any good though.

Me: Why not?

Dunc: They are just pussycats.  Pussycats aren't any good in the army, cause they won't listen or do anything except sit on landmines and blow soldiers up.

Me: (Silence.  What do you say to that?) is good. ~cath
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