Wednesday, September 22, 2010

magic eyelashes

I trust my sister.  Implicitly.  We have been partners in crime for too long and rely on each other's good judgement.

A few weeks ago we were in a beauty supply store so she could get the stuff to make me a new woman (nail polish and hair belief is if you are tweaked on both ends, you can live with what is happening in the middle).  She has been a stylist for over 25 years and my hair has been her playground...sometimes I end up with monkey bars instead of a swing but I am ok with whatever happens, it's all good.  Until now.

So we are at the checkout with our stuff.  And you all know what you find at the checkout.  Impulse buys.  And Vicky and I are nothing if not impulsive when it comes to beauty products.  She spies this stuff that looks like mascara, only it isn't.  It is supposed to give you long eyelashes in 2 weeks.  She cuts her eyes around at me and says:

her: you wanna try it?
me: I don't think so.
her: oh sure c'mon I'll buy it...a late birthday present (I had just gained a year a couple weeks before)
me: it's too expensive.
her: no it's not the stuff I bought before like this was three times as much and it worked.
me: are you sure?
her: yes I am sure, let's get some!
me: ok, I'll try it but it better not make me blind.

So she plunks down nearly $100 for two tubes of goo.  We take it to her house and I find out (she having read the directions and already smeared her eyes full) that you have to put this crap on two times a day.  But by now I am getting in the swing of it and thinking wow! what if it does work and I finally have eyelashes you can see??? My eyes sting like shit when I put it on, and she's laughing at me because I am painting it on so slowly.  So we use it, and use it and use it.

I bring it home and use it.  I am using it on my eyebrows too because it says you can.  So it's been weeks now and I notice a difference.  But it wasn't what I was expecting.  I finally realize it doesn't make you grow more eyelashes, it just makes what you have longer.  And I also realize it's too late to undo the goo.  I have a little problem: 



Wonder what my stylist here in Alabama charges for a hair-eyelash-eyebrow combo?

I'm gonna kick Vicky's ass when I see her.


  1. O M G you silly girl. My eyebrows and lashes are ok to this point. hmmmmm

  2. wait til you see what I do to my eyelashes for Halloween...might as well put this to good advantage :D