Wednesday, September 14, 2011

talkin like gramps

Sharing a post from November 2010...

There is nothing funnier than kids about the age of five.  I have three grand kids that age and they prove that every time they spend the weekend here. 

The funniest thing about them is their attempt to enlarge their vocabularies and master the English language.  Something their Gramps has been trying to do for 63 years and hasn't mastered yet.  (I used to think Steve's mispronunciations were to get a laugh out of me.  It stopped being funny about 35 years ago.)
Why is it funnier to hear it from kids?  Because they don't purposely repeat themselves until I am grinding my teeth.  They say what they are gonna say and move on.  If it's funny we act like we didn't hear them and make them repeat it again.

Dunc took the electric four wheeler of Jack's and deliberately rode into my car.  He cracked a reflector.  Jen made him apologize.  I told him it was serious business because the police might stop me and put me in jail if my lights and reflectors didn't work, but I appreciated the apology.  Dunc gave me a hug and said he was sorry again. 

Jack was standing across the room taking it all in, and said "isn't that sweet?"  We all burst into laughter.

The two funniest things said this weekend that I remember~

Dunc: I sure do like these AnyMims.  (M&Ms)

Dunc: I want veesagne for lunch. 
Maddie: (talking to me out of Dunc's hearing) Did you HEAR that Grammy?  Dunc said VEEsagne!
Me: I heard him Maddie.  How is it pronounced?
Maddie: (rolling her eyes)'s BASAGNE.  (She said this in a very arrogant tone, as though she was the only one who knew how to pronounce lasagne.)

We were laughing about Dunc saying AnyMims.  Maddie was laughing too.  I told Maddie that pronouncing AnyMims was no different from liberry (her pronunciation of the place she gets to go to in school to check out books).  Dunc was a little aggravated about it and I told him:

"Don't worry Dunc and Maddie.  You talk like your Gramps now.  When you grow up, you'll talk like your Grammy."

That was when Jen lost it and snorked her Coke.

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