Sunday, September 18, 2011

duncan, maddie, and flag football


What a day it was! My first time out as a Grammy Action Photographer. Big Girl was in top form, and by the end of one hour game (Dunc's) and one hour of cheering (Maddie's- the second game), Big Girl was wiped out, and so was I.

It was hilarious watching a bunch of 6 to 8 year olds run up and down a half football field trying to figure out what they were doing. By about halfway through the game, you could see the lightbulb go off in Dunc's head... "OH, I'M SUPPOSED TO GRAB THOSE RED THINGS!"

Up until then, Dunc thought those plastic things hanging off his waist were to play with while you watched everyone else running. He'd get excited when someone started to run the ball and stop in his tracks and jump up and down hollering "RUN RUN!" and throw his arms in the air. I was thinking we had the wrong one on the sidelines waiting to cheer for the second game. Then he caught on and the race was on.

He did capture one flag during the game, and told his Mommy when the game was over:

"Mommy I LOVED my game!"

The best part was the goody bag they gave the players. Nothing like rewarding a bunch of sweaty, hot little boys with water, Gatorade and sugar.

More football photos to come. Grammy is worn out right now and taking a break. :D xo

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