Tuesday, September 13, 2011

maddie in the dryer

I've been in a reflective mood the past few days.  Looking through my photographs, I've seen some that set off words in my head.  Each moment of my life takes my grandchildren one step closer to adulthood.  Life passes so very quickly.  I want to treasure and capture each moment, and stop life, so I can fully savor it.  The reality is an impossibility, so photo haiku helps me to capture those moments forever.

I have come to believe that haiku and photographs were meant for each other.  My photographs are minutes of my life, captured in images, and the haiku I add to some of them are the emotions I feel as I look at that photograph.  This photo is one I ran across days ago.  Every time I looked at it, I remembered the day Maddie was helping me look for some article of clothing in my dryer.  She was about 3 at the time, which is a world of difference from the 6 year old she is today.  She was just beginning to have her own thoughts, and express them in her own unique way.  I look at this photo and can hear her singsong little girl voice talking to me as she dove head first into my dryer.

It's a day I'll  never have again.  Except in my head, and my heart, when I look at this photo.  I hope you all will remember some of your own special moments as you read these words.


~cath xo
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