Saturday, February 4, 2012

caught between worlds

This month I will revisit some of my favorite posts.  Since I have accumulated more than 300+ posts now, these are buried kinda deep.  I decided they were worth a repeat.  Today I am sharing one of my favorite photo captures of all time, first posted on 12/20/2010.  I hope you enjoy it.

~cath xo


winter moon

Tonight as I arrived home I saw the moon in the east and the setting sun when I looked west.  It was such a dichotomy, yet so yin and yang, that I rushed for Big Girl when I reached the house to try to capture just a few shots before the sun disappeared.

night before the winter solstice

lunar jewel


When I am shooting photos of the sky, I always feel a bit pressured to try to capture it.  At the same time I feel a need to absorb it, to soak it up and sear it on my brain.  Each sunset, each moonrise is so unique, and I know as I look at it and shoot the photos, there will never be another one like it. 
la luna

I still remember a spring evening years ago, when we were in south Alabama on the Alabama river, fishing.  We had finished for the day, and had returned to our hotel and were going to the restaurant next door to eat dinner.  I looked up, and stopped walking.  I just stood there staring for long minutes at the deepest azure sky I had ever looked at in my life.  Lighter near the horizon, where the sun had just set, it deepened as I looked upward toward the first evening stars twinkling in the sky.  Not a cloud marred the perfect velvety texture of the expanse above me.  I knew then that I was looking at something created by a being much greater than I.

night dawns
Tonight I had many of the same emotions rushing through me.  Maddie and Duncan had joined me outside and were playing in the last bit of daylight left as I stood and looked.  I looked left, then right, several times.  I felt caught between two worlds, one passing from existence, and one being created as I watched.  I was awed and silent.  After several photos, I just stood silently, thanking God I had been allowed to really see, to be present in the moment.

Life's moments happen constantly.  Whether you choose to be in the moment, to experience what is around you, is up to you.  All you have to do is open your eyes.

Heaven surrounds you.

halo of trees

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