Thursday, December 23, 2010

the journey continues

kayla with my lipstick
 Just a few short months ago I went public.  I started sharing my thoughts and experiences with more than just my closest family and friends.  I've been writing things that happened in my life and sharing them for several years, first on paper and then in email. Then a few months ago, I was at my sister's house in California and had the fun of watching my 3 year old great niece Kayla go gaga over the contents of my purse.  I had given her permission to dive into it, something she'd never been allowed to do before, and what ensued was just too good not to share, and I decided to blog it

That was the beginning of a new adventure for me.  And since that time I have shared things that have crossed my path, and gone through my mind, and smacked me on the head.  I've shared my love of art, family, laughter, photography, and  now writing.  And I have been surprised and humbled by the encouragement and kind words I've received.

What I'd like to take time to say now is thank you all.  Thank you for reading, and following my thoughts.  I have learned so much this year, and without getting smarmy about it, I have been surprised at how the creative side of me, the side that sometimes lies dormant for years, has come alive and grown in directions I never expected.

This world of blogging has seemed quite strange at times, but I have made new friends and gained so much more than I thought possible on that fateful August day when I loaded some text and photos into this blog program and hit the publish button.

I look forward to each day's adventure, and to the coming year and the surprises and challenges that await me as my journey continues....

And I  invite you to share the journey with me...


  1. Ooh! Such a cool photo. Is it a photo?

  2. Yes Josie it's a photo I took with my iPhone and photoedited. I have a hard time leaving many photos untouched. Check my Flickr photo stream out and you will see what I mean. :D

  3. Interesting edit :) I know the feeling of not being able to leave photos untouched haha so much more fun to play with them lol

  4. I feel like the camera is my canvas and the photo editing programs are my brushes :D