Saturday, August 25, 2012

beer chips and lightening rods

I knew better.  Stevie Wonder knew better.  Wretch knew better. But we did it anyway.

Shopped while we were hungry.  I realized as I was looking at snacks and my mouth started watering at the fruit gummies (that I don't even like).  I think Stevie Wonder realized it when he started stopping at all the food sample tables as we made our way to the back of the store.  He wasn't nibbling delicately.  He was snarfing those tidbits as fast as he could get them in his mouth.  Little mini meals that never fill you up but make you buy stuff you normally would turn your nose up at.

I knew Wretch realized it when she sampled those Beer Chips after spotting them going in Stevie's mouth.  I looked at her (I'd already stolen one chip from SW) and begged for her last chip.  She nodded in understanding and gave it to me.  Then went back to get a bag of chips.  I'm not a chip eater.  But I was slobbering like a bull dog before we got to the check out to pay for them.  I think I left a slime trail like a snail behind me as I walked.  But I couldn't take my eyes off the bag.

So here we are, at home with our ginormous bag of Beer Chips.  I've already beaten Stevie Wonder off the bag one time.  And I have it tucked in the chair beside me for later.  The God of Fire is burning meat on the grill he so painstakingly built a few weeks ago.  The one out of bricks that wouldn't quite fit the grill when he got it finished.  The grill he blamed the dogs for leaning against and shifting the bricks before the cement set.  (Of course it was the dogs, SW never makes mistakes.)  The grill that he had to hammer into place.

And it just started thundering.  Which means there is lightening too.  And the God of Fire is holding a lightening rod in his hand outside.  (Also known as a meat fork.)

*sigh* It's going to be one of those days.  I better go drag his butt to safety, before I end up a rich widow with no cook. is oh so good. ~cath
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