Wednesday, August 29, 2012

the best medicine

steve martian
Laughter is always the best medicine, and in my family, we have an abundance of it from a variety of sources.  Here are some things I have heard or been told by family members lately:

Mum: You've lost weight.
Me: No mum not really.
Mum: Well, your ankles look thinner.

Jen: Maddie you have to stop talking in class.  The teacher sent home a note today.
Maddie: (tears running down her face for dramatic effect, and holding up three fingers for emphasis) But Mommy!  It's only the THIRD day of SECOND grade!!!

Jack has been held back in first grade this year.  He says he is doing better and that he's making new friends.  I play devil's advocate and ask him what he is going to do if he is still in first grade when he is thirteen.
Jack:  Well if I am in the first grade when I am thirteen, then I can go straight to high school!

Steve had been working outside and was a hot mess.  He went inside to see John, who immediately ran to him to be picked up and hugged.  He leaned over, sniffed Steve's shirt, leaned back, made a face and said "BATH!!" is good. ~cath
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