Tuesday, August 7, 2012

papa's got a brand new tide


Be sure to read the details at the end to find out how you can take advantage of a special P&G promotion.  Then click on this link and check out the P&G website! Tide Pods Spring Meadow

When BlogHer and Proctor and Gamble asked me to review a product for a new estore P&G is launching, I was on board all the way.  First, because I love shopping online.  I'd rather shop online because it saves gas (that increasingly precious commodity), and time, which leaves me free to do other things I love.  When I found out I'd be promoting Tide Pods Spring Meadow, I was excited to be included.  This is the first time I have ever promoted anything commercial on my blog, but it's a great way to start.  Here is how I came to discover Tide Pods...

The first time I saw them, I was not impressed, and I wasn't impressed the second time or third time I passed them in the stores we frequented for our shopping.  Stevie Wonder would ask each time, "do you want to try them?"  And I would scoff and say, "of course not, it's just a gimmick."

What am I talking about?  Tide Pods of course.  Spring Meadow scent to be specific.  

Until the day he brought a container of them home after doing some shopping while I was at work.  He was the first one to take the plunge, and being Stevie Wonder, it was a rough start.

When Stevie loaded the washer and then threw one in on top of the clothes, he noticed a few minutes later that it was floating.  That was when I asked the question that always gets me the evil eye.

"Did you read the directions?"

No, of course he hadn't.  Without a word to me, he read the directions, lifted the clothes on one side, and shoved that little pod down under.  He checked several times to see if it was floating again, but it stayed under and never came up again.

I was wondering how well it would clean the clothes.  It was a tiny bit of detergent after all.  Then I noticed that the clothes smelled really clean and fresh.  I've been a Tide girl since way back, and knew my mum loved it.  When Stevie and I married, he told me I couldn't use Tide because he was allergic to it.  Being young and in love, I believed him, so for years we used other detergents.  Then those neat little pods came along and Stevie just couldn't resist them.

We are on our second container of them now.  I love the ease of just being able to throw one in.  No spill, no mess, and most importantly, no measuring.  The directions say to use two for heavily soiled clothing, and that does a spiffy job on those stinky sweaty clothes Stevie Wonder piles in the laundry after working in the garden or doing yardwork.  Tide still does the same marvelous job on our laundry that it did when I was growing up, only in an easier, more convenient way.

Thanks for shoving me forward into the Tide Pod generation, Stevie Wonder.

Now for those special details:
1. If you purchase between now and August 31, 2012, you will save 10% off your order.  Not only that, but you'll get free shipping on orders over $25!
2. There are a lot of great Olympic themed bundles and deals right now on the P&G website.  Proctor & Gamble is a proud sponsor of the US Olympics.
3. In order to get the deals, you must shop by clicking the link at the top of this post, or clicking on the link here Tide Pods Spring Meadow.  Yes I get compensated for it, but you get the savings, and that's the sweet part.
4. Share, share, share!  Share the post, and ask your friends and family to check the website out.  Tell them to click the link, check the post, and enjoy the savings.

What are your favorite P&G products?  How do you feel about shopping on the internet?  Since this is my first blog based promotion, please let me know what you think in the comments below.  The feedback also goes to P&G, so let's hear your thoughts!  And thanks for being the best readers in the blogosphere! :D  

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