Thursday, January 17, 2013

bread and milk

Today it snowed in Alabama.  And the locals did what they always do during snow:

1. Panic about running out of bread and milk.
2. Panic about getting to work and school.
3. Panic about getting home from work and school.
4. Panic about when the snow will melt.
5. Panic about whether the bread and milk they have hoarded will last for two days.

It never lasts more than a couple days at best.  I live in the deep south after all.  The place that feels like it is three inches from hell in the summer isn't going to get cold enough in the winter to freeze for long.

The snow was a lovely break from the rain and flooding we have had lately.  There was still a good bit on the ground when I got home, so I shot a few photos with my iPhone and Big Girl.  And I didn't run out to buy bread and milk.

Stevie Wonder had already done that. is good. ~cath
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