Monday, January 7, 2013

don't do that!

I knew it was going to happen before it did.  My sixth sense warned me.  I should have been prepared.

We were in bed, and I had to the bathroom.  After I finished, I headed back to bed.  Even though I can't see six inches in front of my face without my glasses, I had traversed this path for 38 years.   I noticed the empty spot on Stevie Wonder's side of the bed, and knew he had the same urge, and had headed down to the other end of the house, to his bathroom (the queen always has the closest accommodations, hence Stevie having to travel to go).

I turned back around to go get a drink of water.  As I rounded the corner of the hall into the living room, I saw it.  Him.  Stevie Wonder.  Right in my face, almost nose to nose.  At the same time he saw me.

That was when the startle reflex kicked in on both of us.

"@#$  $@&%" Stevie Wonder hollered.

"SHIT FIRE" I screamed at the same exact moment.

Then we both started laughing, and I fell back against the wall guffawing as I peed in the floor.

When I said "SHIT FIRE I JUST PEED IN THE FLOOR" he started laughing louder.

And so did I.  Sometimes you just can't laugh enough. is good.~cath
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  1. Oh, how funny!!! At least you both got a good laugh out of it~

  2. Well it is about time you told some stuff on yourself, lol....Depends...

    1. Hey you know enough dirt on me I don't have to tell it... :D Depends my ass...