Saturday, July 20, 2013

the screw turns

It's a good thing my head is screwed on.

When I get like this, I resemble my dad, who spent a good part of his life lost in thought.  I get that from him.  For 11 years, as the month he died approached, I'd begin to feel weird.  I thought someday this would pass, but the twelfth anniversary of his death approaches, and here I go again, getting a bit squirrelly.  Lost in thought.  Thinking in circles.

You would think this would be a good thing, that I would come up with some life altering idea or thought that would leave my mark on the world and make me renowned for my brilliant mind.  But my mind doesn't work like that.  I'll give you a sample of where my brain goes at the end of every July and most of the month of August...

I bought a memory foam pillow today while we were out shopping, to try to give my neck a break from the pain I am constantly in.  (I'm not whining about the pain, I have a high pain tolerance and this has become my almost constant companion.  It's bearable, just annoying.)  I started to put the pillow in a case when I got home, thinking how enjoyable sleeping tonight would be.  Then I saw those annoying labels they attach, that crackle in your ear inside the pillow case if you don't remove them.  So I cut it off.  But before I did, I read it.  The whole label (I have always tended to read anything my eyes land on with thoroughness).  I noticed several things immediately.  And as I noticed each one, my brain took a step further:

1. "UNDER PENALTY OF LAW THIS TAG NOT TO BE REMOVED" (Hmm I remember when we were kids I always thought I would be hauled to jail if I removed that I never did.  When I grew up, I think I was the only housewife with those tags hanging from all the pillows in the house, even the throw pillows on the couch) "EXCEPT BY THE CONSUMER" (some idiot finally figured out there were a gozillion people not removing those stupid labels and fixed it).
2.  ALL NEW MATERIAL CONSISTING OF POLYURETHANE FOAM PAD...62% (the same stuff that was in my padded bras when I was a kid)  GEL...38% (the same stuff they put in those shoe inserts) (which means I could have bought a padded bra, wrapped it in a gel shoe insert, and shoved it under my head at night...and saved about $25).
3.  15% Spandex in the cover (great, now I will be sleeping on a padded-bra-shoe-insert wrapped in Spanx).
4. FOAM MADE IN USA---COVER MADE IN CHINA (a perfect example of healthy trade relations...and cooperation...I hope...or it could be that China has the corner on the Spanx market?). is good. ~cath
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  1. I've missed your writing!

    The first anniversary of my dad's death, I'd get sick to my stomach in the morning, without realizing that seasonal triggers - the changing of the calendar to August, talk of football season, back-to-school shopping - were tuning me back to an incredible painful season in my life.

    The day never passes, of course, but I hope that I'm seeing more of him living on in me, my kids, my niece and nephew, as years go by.

    1. Thanks gives me comfort to know someone else feels like I do...

      I know dad lives on when I look at my granddaughter, who has his eyes, ears and forehead...and his sense of humor (which incidentally was also passed to my sisters and me).

      It's the bittersweetness of life...