Monday, July 1, 2013

the fishing trip

Recently Maddie got to go to 6 Flags Over Georgia (a huge amusement park) with her Brownie Troop.  This meant that Duncan had nothing to do.  Jen, being the fundamental Type A personality she is, decided to try to create a more equitable situation.  So she did what she usually does...she called her dad.

She and Gramps schemed to figure out what they could do with Dunc, and Gramps suggested a fishing trip.  Dunc lit up like a Christmas tree when he found out (Maddie wasn't quite as excited about her 6 Flags trip at that point), and the fishing trip was on.

As the day got here, Jack was included, since he was visiting at the time.  John lost out, because he is three and Gramps wasn't going to take on three year olds at that point, and try to manage poles, hooks, bait and fish.

Because the weather threatened rain, Gramps took them to a pier on the river owned by the future son-in-law.  The boys didn't really care what they fished off of or out of, as long as it was fishing.

Gramps called me at some point to tell me the fish were biting.  He also mentioned the boys had caught about 13 fish each, and were so very excited about it they couldn't stop talking.

At that point I asked Gramps how many he caught.  He is the consummate fisherman, so I assumed he had at least as many as the boys did.

He caught two.  That's right.  Two fish.

Gramps threw all the fish back, because the point wasn't to cook and eat them, just to let the boys have the fun of catching them.  But I have a sneaking suspicion that it was because Gramps was outfished. is good. ~cath
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