Saturday, October 30, 2010

about my daughter on her day of days

Today is my oldest daughter Jennifer's birthday.  She hit a milestone today.  Forty.  It seems like only yesterday she was a baby.  I am sure I am not the first mother to say that....we all say it as our children grow older.

How did she get from there to here?  Time flies and I have so many memories.  So I will share just a few words.

She was with me on my first trip to Alabama, my first child born in a strange place far from my home, before Alabama felt like home.  My mom karma was good, Jen was the perfect baby.  She never cried, slept well from the moment of birth, and was a placid, happy baby.  She crawled so well she didn't walk until she was 13 months old.  And she was a wonderful big sister to her brother and baby sister when they came along (although Jim might dispute that fact since she blackmailed him into playing Barbies with her).  Jen thought Deb was her very own baby and treated her like a baby doll.

Jenny was the valedictorian in her high school class.  Always focused, she did well in college and has a good career as an accountant.  She's always had a life plan and worked toward it.  That included the twins she gave birth to over five years ago. 

Those are the facts about Jenny.  It was how she dealt with the things that happened in her life that weren't part of her life plan that make me the proudest.  Those things that cause you stress, anger and grief.  She never complained, never asked for help.  Just dealt.

What made my daughter such a strong woman?  She is kind, patient, honest, compassionate and loving.  She has a sharp sense of humor, and a soft heart, but can be tough when she has to be.  She strives to be a better person, but doesn't realize that she is a better person than I will ever be.  She is the woman I wish I was, the mother I wish I had been, and the adult I always knew she would be. 

Looking at her recently I thought to myself, how did time go by so fast?  Why didn't I enjoy each minute of her life more?  How I wish I could go back just one day and hold her in my arms again, that happy baby that I loved.  And still love.  And am proud to call my daughter.

My favorite oldest daughter.  Jennifer Ann.


  1. What a beautiful tribute! xoxo

  2. Thanks Kath,,,she's a beautiful, marvelous woman!