Friday, April 22, 2011


consciousness approaches slowly.
as the morning light approaches the sky,
she breathes softly next to me.

the birds awaken and greet the dawn...
she rolls into my side, hiding her head under my shoulder,
remaining locked in Morpheus' arms.

I lie quietly, listening to the cadence of her breathing
remembering the moments of her life
since she first entered mine.


  1. So beautiful. Your poem? If i share it, I want to give credit.

  2. @Thom:
    Yes it is my poem, my thoughts. If I don't credit something I post with someone's name, then it is my work.

    Thanks for the comment Thom.

  3. I love this poem - wonderful. I have two beautiful daughters, both grown, but the words work just fine for someone older i my life as well.

  4. @Thom Brown
    My goodness Thom, I re-read it through your eyes, and realized it could be a love poem! Although I was thinking of the first time I held Maddie in my arms, it sets my mind in another direction now. Thank you so much for sharing your interpretation of it.

  5. As a mother, I can so appreciate the poem and this picture of Maddie. How beautifully you captured a magic moment with your words!

    Happy Easter!

  6. @Debra:
    Thank you so much for the nice comment. It is good to get feedback, especially in an area I have no experience in...poetry is way out of my comfort zone, but occasionally I will venture out of my box when the words and mood are upon me. My feelings and thoughts were so strong that morning as I was laying there that I knew I had to write them down.