Friday, April 1, 2011

april fools me

mom, kinda long ago :)
I was having this nice little chat with mum today.  And I accidentally backed into an April Fool's joke with her by being a smarta** and confusing her...and I was laughing and thought I would share what we said (or most of it).  It went something like this:

(talking about a Southwest plane that made an emergency landing in Arizona)
mum: just glad to know you weren't on your way here lol
they just said plane had hole in fuselage...
me: that is the spot I fell out of mum
mum: fell outta what
me: the hole in the fuselage
where I fell through or would have if I had been there
mum: how did u do that?
me: mum it is April 1 and I am being a fool
mum: oh s**t I knew someone would do it to me today and I thought I was home safe
I was expecting it from vix since she came by after appt. but she didn't

me: you are the ONLY one I did anything to :D
mum: it's not nice to fool mother (nature) :D:D
me: aww that s**t doesn't work on me I am too old
and besides there ain't nothin natural about you miss 80yr old with black hair :D:D
mum: well the plane thing wasn't an april fool joke
wonder if the people on the plane thought it was
hey if Liz Taylor can have black hair at 79 I guess I can at 80
me: you sure can!
you go girl cause I am right behind you at almost 60 with auburn locks of beauty :D:D
mum: :D:D gotta go fix something to eat
luv u and talk to you later

this is vix. i wouldn't dare show my face

Things went downhill fast after this because I thought I was copying the chat to paste here in the blog...because I am so computer savvy you I hit this button in the Facebook chat window that said report.  It didn't report the chat to me...OH reported my mum to Facebook authorities as a suspicious character...
I had a little panic and meltdown at that point...and did a panic post on my wall asking for help...of course the only advice I got was to "suck up" and calling me a "bully".  And that was my friends talking!...then my sister Vix chimes in and says she went to the help page and I need to go unblock mum...well by then I am really thinking mum is gonna chew on me...with her teeth in.
At this point I am trying to find out how to unblock mum.  I see a post by a page I like (I get sidetracked easily),  and I try to make a comment...
I'm blocked.  I get this big old yellow triangle and it says I am not allowed to post.
I am ready to throw up, pack my bags, and leave the Facebook country forever.  A Facebook orphan, unloved and unwanted because I am now a FB criminal...all kinds of scenarios are going through my head.
Then I notice there are two of those page posts by Hipstamatic.  You that read this blog know I love my Hipsta app and I timidly hit the "like" button and... takes it!  Hallelujah!  I am saved!  I am not a Facebook criminal who turned my mum in after all...
Wait...yes I am and yes I I keep clicking links, and eventually get to the how to un-block a beloved mum page...but mum isn't listed there...all I have blocked are the 20,049 apps and games I don't use anymore....
*sigh* I'm saved....
...and that is how the first of April unraveled and made a fool....out of me....
Now I have to go delete my panic post before my mum sees it.  It has 58 comments on it, mostly mine.
Happy Facebooking y'all! (muffling retching noises in my armpit)

mum and me on mother's day a few years ago.  that is her finger.


  1. I thought it was only me that things like this happened to. I keep the hair blonde, it is my excuse:-)

  2. laughing soooooo hard! Just keep watching over your shoulder. The Facebook police are on to you now, you know?