Monday, March 14, 2011

and so life gets in the way...

My post a day following a prompt from NaBloPoMo was going along fairly well until yesterday.  Life got in the way and life always comes first, before writing, or painting, or photography.

So I spent yesterday dealing with life, and the day was gone before I realized it.  I always keep things in perspective though, and family always comes first.  So I shrug my shoulders as I write this, and promise to try again next month.  Until then, I post when I can, as often as I can fit it into my life.

I have learned several things while discovering this world of the blogger.  The main thing I have discovered is that I have learned better self discipline.  That is a good thing.  My family calls me an airhead, and not without reason, because I tend to always have my thoughts out in the clouds.  Blogging has also taught me to focus my thoughts into words.  This blog is just my thoughts, but I never want it to become "the boring ramblings of..." and so I spend a lot of time composing what I will write in my mind before I sit down to put it into text. 

The type of blog post I write depends a lot on my mood, as I am sure you have deduced.  But variety can be good, and even though I envy bloggers who have a single theme and are experts at what they write, that could never be me, because I have interests in too many areas.  So I hope you bleaders will stick with me, as I share my thoughts...

Today my sister and I went for a drive through some of the most beautiful countryside ever created by God.  And I took these photographs and would like to share them:

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