Friday, March 4, 2011

day four...laugh

Laugh.  Find something to laugh at.  Laugh long.  Laugh frequently. 

Laughing has so many benefits.  It can lift a mood, brighten a cloudy day.  And it can help you to live longer.

Laughing is a positive thing.  Like the laughing I do at my husband tonight at he cracks jokes and makes me laugh.

Because he was irritating me to begin with, obsessing over some television program.  An episode we missed last week.

(It's TV for Pete's sake, not life or death.  SO we MISS a first run episode of one of our favorite programs.  It was more important that the twins get to finish watching a movie they were deep into.  And it was hitting the climax of the movie.  The whole explanation behind the plot.  They COULD NOT miss it.)

(Ok, so it was a cartoon and a DVD too.  Well once in a while it is good for us to sacrifice for the kids.)

So keep laughing Stevie Wonder.  That episode will come around this summer during reruns...

And he laughs.  And makes a joke.  And I laugh with him.

Did I ever tell you that was why I decided I loved him 41 years ago?  It was.

He made me laugh.  He laughed me right into love.
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