Monday, March 21, 2011

monday blessing

I get out a lot with my job, and while I was in my car today I came to a halt at a stop sign.  I looked left, and the road was clear.  Then I looked right.  I saw blossoms falling from a tree, and realized in an instant that early spring was over, as evidenced by the falling blossoms.  That made a bittersweet impression on my mind.  As I watched I saw a gentle breeze blowing the petals away.  And the sight made such an impression on me that I grabbed my little iPhone camera and took a couple photos.  My karma was good today, because absolutely no one drove up to prod me on my way.  I felt so blessed to capture this that I wanted to share it.

So with this blessing I received today comes the wish your week may hold the same joy.


  1. @Dawn
    absolutely! and I miss way more than I capture! :D