Thursday, March 10, 2011

day ten...cranky

Weird word to pick, isn't it? But that's my life at this moment. I had a big day today, with my sisters and mom, and because I was tired and cranky when we got home tonight, I flew off the handle at my sister and said some things I shouldn't have. Not big things or terrible things, but stuff I should have kept to myself.

That's the bad thing.

The good thing? Tomorrow is another day, I'll be rested and in a better mood.

The best thing? My sister doesn't hold a grudge.

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  1. I love my cranky sister, and I was cranky too and so was the other sister, but we are laughing now because we always do this cranky thing when we are tired and cram so much in one day, and we know it , and we are soooo over it! 8-) I love my family!

  2. Hope today is a better day. That's the nice thing about sisters... we can have those cranky moments and say those things knowing that it will all be water under the bridge and we'll still be loved when it blows over.

  3. Absolutely Beckey! And Anonymous up there is my sister Vix. Today has been much better. We slept last night instead of laughing all night and getting cranky again. :D thanks for leaving a comment!